Carmen Lamberti

Entropy Nature has a particular way to deal with things. An element of chance is inherent in natural processes. A disorderly arrangement is much more probable than an orderly one if laws of nature are allowed to act without interference. Entropy is to consider that all processes of change are irreversible. This include natural processes … Continue reading Carmen Lamberti

Mark Vennegoor

The aim of my art making is to construct, deconstruct and reconstruct structures that intersect in natural, social and economic domains and to challenge collective mind constructions. I am especially interested in structures that have an impact on everyday life and seem to trigger a vicious circle. I like to challenge these existing structures in order … Continue reading Mark Vennegoor

Department for Sunshine

Department for Sunshine (2015) is a collaborative exploration between scientists from the Reisner Lab in Cambridge (Jan Rongé, Christopher Windle, Christine Caputo and Dave Wakerley) and artist Marina Velez. This work addresses the quest to find an answer to energy challenges and renewable resources through the visual language of video and light.  Continue reading Department for Sunshine